Wiring the Beast

10/27/06 - So I have been working at the car on and off the past couple of weeks - it mostly consists of me working 12hrs straight on it, then having a few days where I can't get to it, then on it hard again.  And I had been working on trying to get an interview with a company in the Denver area and they finally called and I had to prepare and travel for that.  Hopefully I can focus on it a bit more in the next couple of weeks.  I still have a lot of work to do to get it running.

Anyway, here are a bunch of shots of the wiring work.  I was going to run a new, home-made harness, but am having trouble getting wire in more than solid colors.  I had a line of striped wire (I thought) in 100ft rolls, but then the guy just never called me back - typical in the automotive world unfortunately.  So for now I modified the stock one to work for the most part and added what I needed/removed what I didn't.

The front section will change dramatically - a fellow 914 enthusiast is working out mounting HID headlights in the turn buckets - if he gets that all worked out, I will 86 the headlight assemblies altogether and get a fiberglass hood without headlight provisions.  Then, the wiring will change dramatically and a custom harness would have been cut anyway. So for now I just sorta draped the wiring across the front for all that nonsense.  Closer shot to capture the fan relay and AutoZone horns that were under $20 for the pair and loud as Hell.


Burned through over 150 zip-ties and I still have some cleanup work to do - but it helps me to hide the wires well through the car.  Notice with the door open you can see the wires, but from the other side you can't see them much at all.  I got a Painless Wiring fuse block (P/N 50501) from Summit Racing to convert to blade fuses and fuse the hot instead of fusing the ground like Porsche (which is stupid).  I had signs of wiring on the headlight switch almost burning - having a fused hot should blow the fuse instead of building up to a fire like the stock setup.  The hardest part of the conversion was figuring out the damn turn signals on this car - what a freaking mess that was.  Ultimately I used the fused hot to the blk/grn/wht wire to the hazard switch and swapped the grounds on the dash signals - then spliced the wires to the lights that went through the old fuse panel.  Complete PITA to figure that out but they work great now.


Some shots of the rear and how I hid the wiring as best as possible - can hardly even see it except where it crosses the wing mount.  I have GM-style "WeatherPak" connectors in there so I can disconnect the rear taillight panel and remove it without cutting wires every time.  Actually I have them all over the car for removable assemblies - they work really slick.  I also took the stock 914 little terminal under the dash where the main 12V is branched out and put it at the rear.  I pull hot from the starter and then fused each of the cooler fans, distributor and trans pump.  That way I put those loads exterior to the fuse block at the front and lessen the overall load on its input wire.  Also very easy to wire the rear that way too.


The ground wires for all the switched accessories run to this home-made panel here.  It is simple aluminum plate screwed to an electrical box from Home Depot (IIRC $3 plastic box I painted semi-flat black).  Switching the grounds make a very clean setup - only one wire enters the box per item (the other side of the switches are grounded to the mounting screws).  Some say I am a real fart smeller :o)  The switches control all 3 cooling fans, trans pump, water pump and fuel pump.  You can see the brake switch sitting there - I am going to add a pressure switch into the brake system to 86 that POS, and the switch will be in that area (Painless P/N 80174).  Hi-6 is mounted behind the drivers seat and centered between the NASCAR bars so I can still access the diagnostics and rev-limiter settings.  Just need to run the hot once I get the kill-switch mounted again.


A few more shots with the lights on just for fun.  First one reminds me of those pictures in the mall with the car/street scenes and the headlights have little bulbs in them... and finally, the AutoMeters Carbon Fibers all aglow in red.  Even the wipers work on this thing - minus the noise issue, this car is completely street legal!