Week 24

9/18/06 - Getting wrapped up and should be able to take home in a couple of days. Here is a rear shot with the coolers all mounted, the finished "upright" and the front trunk area with the fuel pump, filter, coolant tank and overflow all mounted.

Now for the shift linkage I machined up - a lot have asked about the new bracket, here it is.  I will 86 the bearing (too much play tho' seemed like a great idea at the time) and either bush this to 5/16" or make another bracket.

Ended up running the coolant lines inside unfortunately.  I will have to ceramic coat them down the road to keep heat out of the interior.  Also see the trans pump and the oil filter and water pump on the drivers side.  I will relocate the water pump to the passenger side and remove the coolant cross-over at a later date.  The cooling lines were one of those "lack of planning" items that will require some rethinking.