Week 22

8/10/06 - Slow going lately - AJ had a race in Vegas last weekend and that kept him busy on his own truck the last couple of weeks.  He blew the motor last time out and decided to give my old boss Troy at Ford Performance Solutions a try.  Troy went completely through the motor for him, AJ dropped it in and went out and won the event!  Some pro guy was running and they already had the trophy in his name apparently expecting him to kill everyone, so they had to peel off the plate and put one on with AJ's name on it.  Pretty cool - I am glad Troy got a chance at the motor and AJ is stoked.

Anyway, welding has started.  The car is completely stripped back down and AJ is off and running.  The welding (for the most part) is turning out awesome - I am amazed at how nice his welds are.  There are a few welds you can tell the fatigue was setting in, but for the most part they are like butter!  The whole center section is done - sorry for the slightly outta focus closeup on the hoop welds, but look close and you can see just how uniform those beads are!!

The rear section is done too... again, freakin' butta on the welds.  I am feeling pretty stoked at this point...

The front still needs welded and the mounting plates for the struts still need to change significantly to accommodate the fuel cell.  But he is hopeful to have it fully welded and all the suspension back on it by Wed or Thurs next week.

Then I can go and drop the engine/trans in and all the body stuff to get it home in one piece - basically put the pile on the left back on the car!  And another shot of the firewall area - I sho' am proud of that firewall, eh?