Week 21

7/23/06 - So work went WAY slower over the past week.  Had three major hurdles to leap and only the trailing arms got cut down... so basically no hurdles cleared this week.  Shot some photos of the front suspension as I have had a few people asking for detailed shots.  The upper strut mount will drop 1" (one of the uncleared hurdles) and have to be cut down a bit to make room for the fuel cell (apparently they forgot to measure that when they built the mounts).  I did a quick tape measure a couple weeks ago and about crapped 'em - need to get about 1.5" more, so dropping an inch will get some of it and cutting the mounts back and reworking the camber plates will get the other distance.

Shots of the front, showing the lower arms.  The plated arm is from Kanna Motorsports.  They were willing to sell me just the arms and the spherical "ball joint" pin separately from their 935 front suspension kit.  Cool guys to work with and helpful - and reasonable too.  The arm to the rear was fabbed by AJ.  The tie-rod ends will be replace with spherical rod ends and mount on the top side of the strut arms now.  Bumpsteer will be adjustable using shims and such.

Here are some shots of the upper mount area that will be shortened and widened out for the cell, and a finishing overall shot.