Week 20

7/15/06 - So work has been moving forward on the car.  The rear suspension on the left is basically finalized and the right is built to match.  I haven't measured any specific motions yet, but AJ and I can grab the hub and move the assembly thru travel.  It appears to have no toe change until about 4" of motion upward (way beyond my needs) and camber gain looks slight - as expected.  I am feeling pretty stoked about this design - only real setup equipment will tell the whole tale of course.


Then I have been working on a front splitter for the past couple days.  Had to cut some relief for the front tires and the "white" color is the peel-off protective coating that will be removed once everything is ready to roll.


A clear shot of the firewall, the shifter is mounted (tho' hard to see) and the oil tank is bracketed in.


Last couple shots showing the coolant tank in the front and the wipers wedged into place.  They are there just to keep registration and insurance on the car...