Week 19

6/24/06 - Sorry for the crappy pix again this week; I just haven't had time to get new batteries for the camera.  What's funny is one turned out perfectly, but all the other sucked (?)  First thing is first - after a big argument and AJ saying my firewall design sounded ugly, I bent the upper material (area above the cross bar) last weekend and made all the pieces to tack together.  I will let you guys the be judge - the first pic is from last week (his firewall) and the 2nd is the one lower dog-house I designed and sketched out for them to make and install.  So which one is better?



Here are some more shots of the new firewall.  You might notice the insert pieces I made square, then marked to shear off to size.  I asked AJ if he wanted me to do that (takes a minute) or if I should just leave them, then when they tacked everything up, they could double check and shear to size.  He of course said leave them, but a keen eye will see the un-sheared pieces tacked in there...  :o(    More work I will have to clean up when I get it back.  It is okay and easy to fix - so I am picking my battles at this point and that ain't worth the headache of arguing over.

Here is a current shot of roughly where the seat will be - no 6' drivers now!  All set up for me, nice and snug up on the wheel (you may recall I pushed the pedals WAY forward in the car to get closer to the wheel without having my knees hit it like before).  The a shot of the oil tank mounting - again I will be moving this when it is said and done.  I even fully discussed where I wanted it, he said that was where he was going to put it, and instead I got this... close but not quite.  My kill switch mounts right above where it is now.  Lastly, a shot of the rear again - no work done here this week.

I am just really looking forward to getting this car back in a few weeks and getting it home.  I will have to clean up some of the work and probably remount the seats (they are already tacking stuff into place that isn't right and what AJ and I agreed to).  All the detail work I clearly need to do myself - and I will let him run with it a couple days and see if he changes it to what it should be.  Otherwise I will just ask him to not mount them and I will do it at home.  My good friend Scott Calvin (NASCAR SuperLate driver #58) is all ready for me to bring the car to his place and get the setup all worked out and fix some of this stuff once I get it wired, plumbed and fired back up again.