Week 18

6/19/06 - Sorry for the crappy pix, but turns out the camera batteries were basically dead, so the images turn out blurry when they are low.  Hopefully this captures the general idea.  The rear suspension is now getting laid out.  The five links will be placed first and then the trailing arm will be cut down to be fabbed into a simple upright.


Though the pic on the left makes it look like the top link will be parallel to ground, it is just resting on the jack right now and not at correct ride height (look at the axle for instance!).  The top link will decline downward as it should.  Camber gain will be approximately 1o at 2" of bump and maybe 1-1/2o to 2o at 3" of bump (though I don't expect that much motion under normal race conditions as I would be dragging the car on the ground at that point!!!!).  Lower links will be parallel to ground at nominal ride height.

So it might be hard to tell, but the rear suspension should end up looking something like this schematic - at least this is what I gave AJ for an idea of what I wanted (taken from the SusProg3D Suspension Design software website).  This is referred to as a "Upper lateral link, lower parallel links, twin trailing link (a variation of the reversed lower A-arm style)" on their website.  I didn't use the software, just the jpeg to show AJ what I would like to see.  Old-skool design, but should work more than adequately for my car.  IIRC, GT-40s had this sort of rear setup or something pretty similar, so definitely 60s technology, but at 2" of jounce it will be fine.

 I worked with a couple NASCAR SouthWest Tour teams when I was younger (for free in trade for experience of course!), so it is payback time for those guys unfortunately... when I get the car from AJ I will get it plumbed and running then take it over to my friend's shop to set all the geometry correct and tune out as much bump steer as possible if any exists :o)

Below is a pic of the front compartment, a shot showing the wheel adapters I had made, and the firewall he built this week.  I am so far okay with the front, but was unhappy with the intrusive firewall - it takes up a lot of space in the interior that I didn't feel it needed to.  After some "heated" discussions, I worked out a new upper section by the window and he will weld that in.  I also gave him some sketches as to what I want for the main section you see here and he is going to make that happen.  It will be much less intrusive and "cleaner" looking IMO though AJ doesn't like the way it looks.  It's cool;  to each his own and since I am the po' bastard that has to drive this car the next 10 yrs, I want it to look my ugly way, not his way (hahah).