Week 17

6/12/06 - Work continues along.  AJ has the front suspension mostly done and is making the upper strut mounts at this point.  He has also began making the various skinned panels.  The dash panels shown are removable.  In the middle pic you can see I will have to cut a recess out for the wiper assembly when it comes time to mount that.


The underside is nice and smooth!  That will help with aero of course.  I was going to do try all sorts of louver tricks and such, but time is running out on this car and since I am going to make a front splitter and air dam for the front, if no air goes under the car, I won't need all the funky aero stuff anyway; just nice and smooth.


Oil pump and alternator setup.  I just need to make a spacer for the alternator mount to tidy that up.  Picture is a bit dark to see, but maybe shows the jist of everything.  Don't know why this one arbitrarily came out darker than the others, I didn't change any camera settings...