Week 16

5/29/06 - So it has been a few weeks - surprisingly I had a 5 week setback due to wheel adapters!  Take one day to make, but it took me two different shops and 5 weeks to get a set in the end.  They are custom, not off the shelf, so I couldn't just buy a set unfortunately.  The first shop took 3 weeks and still hadn't started them when I told them to pound sand, the second shop took a week to do the first set, which were wrong, then another week to do the second set, which still aren't perfect to the drawing but close enough.  Amazing that I can give a shop a fully dimensioned Pro-Engineer drawing and they manage to screw things up...

Anyway, AJ has been waiting the whole time as the next step is suspension, but with new wheels and adding adapters, we needed to wait to get everything lined up so we could set the track width correctly to the car.  Stock track width may have been too wide for this stuff, so hence we needed to wait.  Finally starting on the front suspension.


So above you can see we are more or less building a lower A-arm for strength.  The forward piece is from Kanna Motorsports and is part of their 935-style front end for 911s.  I bought those ready made as they are all set up for the ball joint pin and comes with those pins so I didn't have to lathe them up.  Worth it in the end - they seem to be pretty nice pieces.  Instead of coming straight out and having a forward like the 935, you can see how we are setting it up for A-arm geometry.  You can also get a feel for where we are trying to get the ride-height set.

The shots below are meant to show the wing as mounted.  The spill plates are different as the others looked funny once it was all mounted :o)  Easy to make, so no big deal.  The hole through the trunk lid will be similar when I add the fiberglass lids down the road after testing the car out and getting ready for paint.


These shots show the general make-up of how I mounted the wing.  The uprights are tipped back at a 25 degree angle - I would like more for "looks", but I was afraid I would just get way too much moment stresses in the lower mount welds from the heel-toe effect of  the angle.  The lower mounts have two sets of holes so if I can raise or lower the setup an inch.  At the bottom is it roughly roof height, so I can get an inch higher to get better air if necessary.  The aircraft tubing had flat sides inside that turned out to fit .750"x1.5" tubing perfectly, so I match drilled holes in the tubing to steel bottom mounts (for welding purposes) and aluminum at the top.  The top bracket is welded to a piece that fits between the top wing mounts for pivoting.


Here you can see the wing mounts I made and the adjusters were pieces bought from McMaster-Carr.