Week 10

4/24/06 - Bunch-o-photos yet again.  AJ continues kicking butt on this car.  The front fiberglass is roughly in place - the radiator is being a PITA, so a little more work to drop the front of the glass another 3/8" -1/2" at the nose and get the headlights truly squared up and mounted.  AJ apparently hates my fiberglass because every time I show up there is another chunk missing out of at least one panel :o(  Those baja guys are brutal... look close at the front lip near the radiator bleed hose (blue one) and you can see the front edge just hanging there.  The car obviously needed some extra body work anyway and maybe why he is a bit careless, but damn...  Hard to see the radiator thru the front dam, but it is quite nice.

The rear section is really coming together.  He added in the flanges where the mounts will come out so the engine/trans can R&R from above.  I made a tray (that will ultimately be mounted somewhat as shown) to hold the coil, ignition box and trans cooler pump.

Sorta set the seat in place to give everyone an idea of ultimate placement.  It is lined right up with the dash pod and such (so about 1-1/2" inboard).  As mentioned before, the passenger seat will be moved inboard symmetrically and they will almost touch at the shoulder area.  Shot thru front windshield is glary to see the see, but good to show the down-tubes for the cage.

Looking more like a car from the rear views for sure!