Week 9

4/17/06 - Bunch-o-photos again - pictures are worth a 1000 words, right?  AJ has been kicking some butt on this car lately, finally has it up on stands and will start laying out the rear suspension later this week, after getting the front fiberglass in place.


Here it becomes somewhat obvious as to how far he has gotten - the front is pretty much laid out now.  EXCEPT that as many of you with these cars know, you tend to get a "feel" for them as you work on them, so when I walked up, I said there is no way that radiator stuff is going to fit under the front of that car like that, I can just "tell" it won't.  I removed the front hood latch so it would set down (was hitting the radiator as shown) and immediately knew rework will be needed.

No big deal to AJ, he just tacked everything in as a placeholder until he got the front glass on, so he will fix it.





Here is the upper dash pad set in place - it isn't screwed down, just slipped in so you can see how the tubes pass through a completed dash, and the cut I mentioned last week.  When it is all tightened into place, the seam will be noticeable but nothing drastic.

Also, looking through the rear you can see the dash and the tach to give you a heads-up on where my seat will be placed relative to the car - in line with the steering wheel, therefore the center of the seat will be centered with the tach.  These cars are tiny for sure...





Below is some rear area updates - the left and center one shows the new "mid-plate" reinforcement mounts that drop down and attach with adapter plate.  I just don't like the mounting for the stock 930 trans at the back and I worry that putting too much load through that small pad area on the trans housing will just rip it off.  It is technically "over constrained" at this point, but there is slop in every bolt hole by design, so it is there to help without inducing any weird pull-down stresses when the bolts are tightened.  Everything will be flanged into place and removable when I need to R&R the engine and trans.

The bars that go out to support the fenders (above right photo) will be reworked to be a bit lower at the front - AJ forgot that I intend to put the targa in the back.  That's right folks, I am going to weld in tabs to mount the front roof clips so I can put the top in the back like a stock 914.  How many tube cars have that feature??


Below, it is starting to look more like the original car again from the rear isometric view.  The oil sump tank I got on a good deal from my long-time and previous employer Troy at Pacific Performance with the new mounting brackets and fittings thanks to Leo at Barnes Systems.  That will be mounted behind the passenger seat along with the battery to help offset my weight in the drivers seat.  I cut my own templates and made some spill plates for the wing I got from Hank at GT Racing (11" x 70").  Cost me about 30 minutes of my time as the 1/8" aluminum was free scrap - yet places charge over $100 per pair for the same thing if you buy them - crazy.  I may or may not round them out more, I will see what they look like on the car when the wing is all mounted and "design by eye".  The wing is by no means symmetrical when it comes to the mounting points - no two mount holes are in the same place one side to the other, so both spill plates are custom and "fitted" to each side.  Same goes for the upright mounts I am working on - the left and right ones are quite different.  And we didn't have a scale available, but it will be interesting to see what that wing weighs - it is heavy!  I wouldn't have expected it to be as heavy as it feels.

This car will be a tank I suspect - I bet it comes in way over the 2305lbs I went into the shop with.  I will have to go fiberglass decklids and such just to get back down to there.  I am going to have to name this car "Sherman" or "M1" or "MBT" - that's it, when I hit the race track, I bring my main battle tank!  Project MBT-8 914 - but you gotta say it all military "the MBT 8 nine one four V8 main battle tank".  And fittingly, I originally planned to spend $30K to build a nice V8 914 and will be well over that when this is all said and done and painted, so it comes with a budget overrun to boot!  Didn't plan on running 141mph in third gear and feeling the need to go full tube for safety...