Week 8

4/8/06 - Bunch-o-photos pretty much explains it all.  The wheels are Bassett Inertia Advantage 15x8 front 15x10 rears and I will be running Hoosier R3S04s 245/50 front 275/50 rear.  The pic at the end shows what the car will look like with the airbags installed - hmmmm NOT!  I just couldn't miss the opportunity to take one clown-car photo while it is sitting on the ground.  Look really close to that shot and you can see the streamline tubing sitting on the roof that will be used for the wing uprights, and over in the top right, in the background, is the master fabricator AJ.  My top dashpad is hanging out of the passenger door - that was just not going to fit.  We cut it in half right at one of the existing cracks (there is only about 50 cracks in that POS), I shed a tear, then I got over it.  The top pad will take a little lovin' at the downtube area to fit perfectly (don't tell my fiancée I refer to chopping things in half and grinding them a bit as "lovin" - she'll probably call the cops on me).  Anyway, it is going to look pretty sweet with the stock dash setup, stock door panels and all the stock padding in place me thinks.

I wanted the fuel cell lower of course, but it is the standard 10lbs of shit in a 5lb bag issue.  By the time I get the pedal assembly, rack and swaybar in the car, ain't much room left for a fuel cell.