Week 6

3/23/06 - Starting to see the low slung NASCAR bars coming together and get an idea of how far forward I have moved the engine (look at the dry sump mandrel in the first pic!)  Definitely calls for a custom firewall :o)  Overkill on the floor area with the tubes, I know - but I wanted the car to be very rigid in case of a side impact so I don't get maimed too badly.  I am not going for the lightest car ever, but more worried about my personal safety at the speeds this car should be capable of hitting.  There are a couple more tubes to add to finish out the "diamond pattern" in the center.  AJ is going to crank on the rear section over the next couple of days and hopefully have that fully laid out by this Saturday.  If so, then next week will be the front end.  Then suspension... oh boy.  Needless to say, after seeing this last night, I could hardly sleep!  Really gets my blood pumping to see this coming together so nicely!

On yeah, and new paint scheme is going to be blatantly stolen from this image posted on 914club.com forum - I will have all black wheels for the track and for the street, the Minilites will be used and I will paint the centers black.


3/27/06 - End of week update, you can see the rear section coming together.  The cross bar for the trans mount is tacked in - will be flanged and removable.  The headers ended up fitting so well they look custom built!