Week 5

3/20/06 - Here is the clutch assembly going back onto the engine.  A little concerned that the Kennedy clutch package isn't cutting it - hardly any use and check out the chatter at the flywheel.  Stock disc (no kevlar to cause chattering) and they assured me the HD pressure plate setup would be more than adequate.  I didn't notice any slippage, though I have yet to hit the clutch with maximum torque :o(  Disc had signs of glazing at the outer 1/2 as well.  I suspect I will be replacing that disc will piss me off big time.  Nice clean trans care of Brakleen and note the Permatex gasket sealer - perfect for holding bolts in place!  Way better than loc-tite and I have never had a bolt back out with that on the threads.


I thought I would have some good shots of the overhead bars tucked up real nicely in the targa top, but unfortunately I have the steady hands of a caffeine addict apparently - so they turned out blurry.  I will try again next week.

At least for now you can see that I will have two "NASCAR" bars at each door (though the top one will be lower than shown since they hit my elbows right now - so it will cut a line between the window crank and the door handle).  The down tubes at the front will pass through the stock air vents in the dash.  Fitting the dash will be a major PITA, but I am going to have a stock dash if it kills me!  So much for stock speaker grills though...