Week 3

02/10/06 - So AJ did some sweeping cuts to get ready for the cage.  Notice the headlights have been cut off from the clip - we will be welding in some reinforcements and making that a section that slips on/off of the front.  The tail piece will be cut off similar to the front piece and slip on/off as well.  As AJ works along in the rear, more and more will be cut away - so the inner fenderwell stuff and all that will be gone ultimately.

No turning back now!  I went back 2/11 and removed all of the wiring, but no photos were taken as that isn't much for progress.


02/17/06 - AJ did a little extra cleanup work to the rear :o)  The structure around the rear of the door and sail we knew would be weak, but I may have to give up on the whole "remove the body" idea and build the firewall into the car body, not just the cage, and add some support tubes.  We'll see as the cage is built...


Some more shots of the cutting including the taillight panel which will be removable.  You can see the WeatherPak connectors on the harness for easy removal.  The UltraShield seats - one with a cover and the other no cover to show the welded aluminum frame.  Really comfortable.  Got them from Pack Racing in AZ - great service and same day shipped on a Friday afternoon!  I am 5'10" and 205lbs for your reference, these seats are 100 16" width standard size seats (I chose 100 instead of 200 since I will use the stock brackets that have angle already in them).