The Quest - Project FW190-V8

So I built a tube chassis version of this car... this page steps through the build.  Work was done by AJ at The Baja Shop in Orange, CA - he since has moved to Corona, CA.  The existing body was completely "shelled", maintaining just enough of the longitudinals to support the use of stock doors with roll-up windows, and a tube chassis was built inside of it.  At one point I was calling the car Project MBT-8 914 but the recent change in paint scheme brought on the military aircraft theme... which being a German car, it seemed only appropriate to paint it like a serious fighter plane and the change to FW190-V8.

The car started out with fully buffed semi-flat black paint, but then I wanted to add camouflage green to the top half, buffed as well.  That started the discussions of painting it like a fighter plane, adding a Balkenkreuz to the hood, etcetera... so here it is as of Sept 2008.  I intend to add door numbers (190 of course) and some other sticker art to the car but have been overwhelmed with other "stuff" and haven't finished the art with my friend Scott Calvin (owns his own sign company).


Click the links below to follow along with the build week by week (roughly, some "weeks" take two weeks, should be "visits to the shop", but I digress)

Week 1    Week 2    Week 3    Week 4    Week 5    Week 6    Week 7    Week 8    Week 9    Week 10    Week 16    Week 17

Week 18    Week 19    Week 20    Week21    Week22    Week23    Week24    Final Day at AJs    Wiring Almost Complete