Final Day with AJ at Baja Motorsports in Orange, CA  (714) 279-0945

9/20/06 - Picked it up last night.  I am happy to have it home and AJ did a great job for me in the end. We had some heated debates along the way, but I am happy with the final product at this time.  Here she be, on the ground, in all of her glory.  The car will be about 1/2" lower in the rear and 1" lower to maybe 1.5" lower in the front.  I love rake, and it supposedly improves aero on these cars - but frankly I love rake, so that is what I asked AJ to give me when he setup the suspension mounts.

Couple things to note in these pix is the red truck in the background.  This car is very low and that helps to visualize how low.  In the rear isometric shot, I am standing by the red truck (notice the little bit of rear fender at my right shoulder area).  I am 5'9" (for relative height of the truck)  and shooting DOWN on this car.  Love it!

Notice I chopped the spills way down - this is very form over function! The bigger spills woulda been better aerodynamically, but looked like ass IMO and I hated the wing on the car. Chopped them way down and it really cleaned the look up. So, proof I care more about looks than hitting 160mph I guess. All the true racers are thinking WTF right about now... but the car looks sooo much better with the short spills that I actually like the wing better than the spoiler it had, and I never thought that was going to be the case.

Another rear profile and a side profile.  Can't wait until I can race this beast again!  Rear bumper will go on (at home at the time of these pix) and I will have to chop the rear valence for the exhaust, but will have a complete rear down the road.  I have a lot left to do myself - all plumbing for the dry sump, fuel, brakes, trans; setup the alignment and corner weights; wire the car completely from scratch (ugh) and so forth, so probably a month away from running.

Future plans over the next 6mo-1yr:
Get running
Race around Willow and sort the suspension, make sure everything is all where I want it, fix/weld whatever and get a "final" version sorted.
Tear down to ground again
Acid dip what is left
Send to heat treat (this will remove the stresses in the welds - very important on chromoly - and burn out the remaining acid)
Powdercoat the chassis
Paint the car
Maiden voyage - chip the shit outta the paint/powdercoat on the road course - yeeeehaaaawww