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Updated February 2009 - Project FW190-V8


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The latest iteration of the car has a paint scheme loosely based on the Focke-Wulf 190s.  This quote I found online describing the 190's evolution seemed to perfectly match this car:


As is often the case with aircraft that evolve through a long series of variants, the FW-190 suffered from "weight creep"



 This car is up to 2,578 lbs.  The stock early doors have been hacked and the front hood bracing removed, but otherwise the decklids are stock steel, the roof is the stock 20lb piece, the car is fully street legal with working wipers, headlamp assemblies (which are quite heavy with the motors and so forth) and so forth.  It is a tube chassis V8 monster with a cable shifted, custom geared, inverted Mendeola S4 racing transaxle.  It is an absolute rocket as the 353ci SBC is dyno'd at 525HP at 7100rpm with torque max at 438lb-ft at 5000rpm.  See the Engine link below for the dyno fun.


Here is some of what the car has installed:


- Sheridan body kit                   - Biltstein RSR Coil-over Front End                  - Fox Single Adjustable Rears           - 930 Turbo Brakes   

- Mendeola S4 trans                 - Stock Car Products 4-stage Dry Sump           - Chromoly Tube Chassis                  - Barnes HP6 Filter Adapter

- Road Race Demon 750          - Meziere WP337 Electric Water Pump            - GT Racing 70" Wing                       - KEP dual disk race clutch

- Tilton triple pedal assembly     - Tarett front sway bar                                      -  Camber/Caster plates                    - Custom Cable Shifter

- Crane Ignition                         - Moroso HD kill switch                                   - Race Pumps Fuel Pump                  - ATL NASCAR fuel cell

               - Carrera turbo axles and hubs                          - Schoenfeld Sprint Headers (heavily modified)

- 15x 8.5 Carroll Shelby Industries Anacondas (wheels for street) / 16x10 front 16x11 rear Kodiak FXs (wheels for racing)


A Little History


When I first built the car it was a stock tub and I simply added in the monster V8 and hit the track.  I was running Willow Springs big track 01/18/06 in 3rd gear with a stock 930 trans (the whole track - one gear!) and running 1:36s to 1:38s on 9" wide Hoosiers all the way around.  Turn 8 was hairy at the time with only a rear spoiler was quite tail happy.  The car doesn't have a speedometer and I drive solely by the tach... that day I didn't realize that redline in 3rd was 141mph so it became quite evident the stock tub setup wasn't going to work and was not safe for those speeds.


The car over steered like no other having a 59.5% rear weight distribution, and bump steered like crazy as well thru turn 8, so a whole new platform was necessary.  After only  a couple track days I tore the car completely apart and had a complete tube chassis built for it.  The full build is documented in the link below.  I finished the car one month before moving away from CA and never got to compare times at WSIR.


Now the car is finally getting balanced.  I have a completely relocated rack, custom 5-link rear suspension, moved the engine and trans forward almost 2" for better weight distribution, and added aggressive aero aids between the rear wing and front splitter with the Sheridan nose.  I intend to get back to WSIR some day and see just how much time the improvements picked up, but suffice it to say on the new local track the car is pretty fast.


On a side note, I was thinking about upping the compression recently and started re-calculating the compression.  Turns out I am actually 10.6:1, not 11.1:1 like originally thought, so I am starting another half point down.  Bummer, but on a good note that means I made 525HP on even less compression!  So the combo is definitely a sweet one at that.  I will need to verify piston to valve clearances down the road again (can't find my fricken notes - the problem with moving a few times since the engine build) and just deck the crap outta the heads if possible and run a shim gasket..  They are already angle milled 1/2 degree.


Links to various parts of the project:

Tube Chassis


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